Color+Mood #4: Black Lime

I have always loved the feel of a garden wedding and I also love the idea of simple things  that are so elegant. Today’s inspiration is having a motif that makes u feel like sophisticatedly eco-green. This means recycling everyday stuff to create designs worth adoring.


From left to right: green soda from Jones Soda, shoes from Nine West, butterfly headband from Byme, photography by JMM from snippet&ink, handmade black & white mobile by Frazier&Wing, heirloom organza banded gown by JCrew, miniature fruit name card from

If you’ve noticed, the table centerpieces are just green bottles with calla lilies. And the black & white mobiles are actually pre-ordered from Frazier & Wing but I’m pretty sure we can find a DIY somewhere (I guess we have our next blog entry).

This entry is also dedicated to my friend, Crystal, who just loves green so much!


One Comment to “Color+Mood #4: Black Lime”

  1. wee 🙂 sweet! thanks chip! :*
    alam mo na theme ng wedding ko ha, kung kelan saan at paano, saka na yun basta may theme na ako 😀 hehehe

    Good Luck!!! 🙂

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