DIY Ruffled Bouquet

Hiya girlies! Hope you’re all enjoying you’re vacation Monday =)

Today, I’ll be showing you a simple table centerpiece from the simplest of materials: japanese paper and any wrapping paper. Personally, I’ve always loved paper pom-poms since my first introduction to it last year. I just adore how they can turn anything simple into gorgeous. I’ve had a crush on them ever since.

Now this is just a simple twist. First, you can check Martha Stewart’s instructions on how to create a tissue paper pom-pom here.

The next step is to prepare your vase. In my case, I opted to recycle an old coffee bottle and simply cover it with pretty paper. Lastly, hold the bottom of your pom pom (at the end of the gauge wire) and push together as if holding it into a bouquet. Voila!

Speaking of my love for paper pom-poms, here‘s another twist as aisle decors. Happy DIY!

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