Engagement Shoot: Kamille & Jong

December is no doubt a crazy month! I’m sorry if there has been slow posts lately..so I decided to bring you a fun engagement shoot to start the month!

Let me introduce you to Kamille & Jong! They are now staying in Perth, Australia but they’ve been in different countries for awhile and obviously distance doesn’t matter to this two. Music, food & travel are not the only things that keep them together…laughter too! (You’ll see!)

The couple decided to take the shoot at Jolibee, Kymmie’s favorite fastfood chain while she was still in the Philippines. Just look at them! Like two kids in a playground!

Jong’s birthday turned out to be a very different celebration the last time they were in Thailand:

That day was scheduled to be our island hopping around Phuket: Phi Phi island, monkey island etc. Among those islands he apparently had the ring in the backpack. I didn’t realise that was the reason why he wouldn’t let me bring the backpack!! Haha! He was thinking of ways of how to propose but he knew I didn’t want it to be publicised. He initially thought he’d have a banner attached to the boat and because of how windy it was it would’ve been awesome but since we were in a different country, accessing that banner was some what, difficult to do. Scratch that idea!

He had another one, he was picking up different shells by the beach and what he wanted was for me to see that he’s picking up the shell but eventually he’d pick up the ring! He thought it was an awesome idea until the waves got bigger. He got a bit scared that he’d loose it so another idea scratched. The weather wasn’t helping, it rained harder and we got bigger waves so our skipper decided to go back and call it a day.

We eventually did and while we were resting inside our hotel room. It was nearly the end of his birthday, and suddenly he placed a ring on my finger and said that even if he wasn’t kneeling, even if he doesn’t have flowers what he’s asking me is from the heart and he’d make me happy for the rest of our lives. Now who wouldn’t be all mushy inside out after that???? It was the perfect ring for me, nothing to fancy, it was just awesome.”

A little serious? Nah! Even the photographers were laughing their hearts out during the entire shoot!

I just love people in love! Keep the fun & flame going Kamille & Jong! Best wishes!

Photography: Jeff & Lisa Photography

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