Love, Vivienne Westwood

Lots of you have probably heard about Vivienne Westwood one way or the other. Any girl would die to have one of her legendary punk & new wave designs on their wedding day! I know I would. Yes, seriously I would.

Just to juggle your memory, who can forget Carrie Bradshaw’s dart neckline silk wedding gown on SATC 2. Adore!

And then there’s the oh-so-popular ultimate wedding shoes – Anglomania Heart Shoes. This I personally love and so you can imagine how excited I was when I saw them in display in Rustan’s Makati. So lovelies, there’s no need to go on e-bay and spend all those shipping fees!

{Photo via Bride’s Cafe}

It doesn’t end there! Let’s complete the look with her new jewelry line ‘Get A Life’ palladium collection (modeled by The Mad Men’s star Christina Hendricks). My favorite piece is this palladium chain necklace with heart pendant necklace and Gaia inscription.

{Photo from Vivienne Westwood}

Now that’s just lovely! Love it!


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