Rainbows & Sunshine

Choosing your wedding color is an art and skill, at least for me! The possibilities of all the mix and matches are just endless and you’re so lucky if both of you have your own favorite color (and combining it together actually looks good).

Given that thought, imagine just giving up and hosting a rainbow themed wedding instead! Now that’s unique!

Remember this song? ♫ Rainbow Brite. See the shining light. Yes I’m gonna take you to Rainbow Brite…♫. Just sounds right. Can’t stop playing it in my head!

Of course! There’s always a pot full of candy at the end of the rainbow =)

{Photos from Three Nails Photograpyhy}

You can also check out Green Wedding Shoes for more details about this colorful bohemian wedding.

Cheers girlies! Spread the love!

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