Harry Potter’s Bill & Fleur Wedding

So I’m almost done with my Harry Potter marathon before catching the final movie this weekend and admittedly, I never paid attention to the details on Bill & Fleur’s wedding from part 1 of The Deathly Hallows. And apparently some of the details are quite inspiring!

Of course, the motif is purple with accents of copper. A typical color motif, I would assume, in the world of wizardry. I love the decor details!

Now, the dress is to die for! I love the contrast of the black phoenixes hugging her from the back to the decolletage with the layers of white organza ruffles. It speaks French just like Fleur!

I’d use this as inspiration for my wedding dress.  You?

Just a thought, do you think you’d ever go for a Harry Potter themed wedding? Hmmm.

With that, I’m going back to my marathon…see you in theaters this weekend!

*Note: There seems to be a trend going on for HP fanatics. Since it’s the last movie, just for the fun of it, wave your imaginary wand during rolling of the credits then say “Mischief Managed”! ^_^

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