Let’s Talk Cake

Lovely day to all of you, girlies! Yes, today we’re going to be talking about cake. You may like it grand or you may like it simple. No matter what size you want for your wedding cake, I’d just like to give you something to think about as I compare my cake experiences back in the Philippines and now here in Sydney.

Back home, most wedding cakes are at least 3 layers and in most cases, only the lowest layer is edible (especially if you have a fondant cake). For some reason, I always feel bad that there seems to be so much cake and yet you can only have one layer of it. If you know what I mean.

{Photo from Call Me Cupcake!}

Anyhow, when we started emailing some possible cake suppliers here in Sydney, there was one question I was surprised to get: “For how many servings would you want your cake?”. Apparently, wedding cake is served as dessert here. You can serve it in two ways: as a dessert slice or as a coffee/tea slice.

The approximate dimensions of a dessert size portion is 2.5 x 5 x 9 cm. 
The coffee size portion (finger type) is half of the dessert.

It’s definitely different from what I’ve been used to but it’s quite practical if you think about it. All your guests will get a taste of your wedding cake and there’s one less thing to worry about for your dessert table. So what do you think?

Shall we have cake?


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