The Wedding Day Aura

Now that you’re done choosing your colors scheme, have you decided on the mood for your special day? Believe me, it is very important to know the “feel” you want on your day! It’ll help you see the whole picture! In my case, my picture of my wedding will be cozy but memorable. I want my guests to be comfortable, lounging around a bonfire or walking around admiring the view…sigh! 🙂

{Photo from Pinterest}

Aaand so, that’s how I knew that I wanted something outdoors. So when we started looking for the vendors and the materials for the decor, we knew exactly what we were looking for! No fancy schmancy! Just pretty details here and there! Get it?

{Photo from Pinterest}

So what are you waiting for?….Go daydream about your perfect wedding before you start planning. Use that lovely picture when you search Google or Pinterest or whatever search engine you’re using to look for all the things you need!

And remember, when all the planning gets you stressed out…find time to go back to that daydream! Daydreaming keeps us pretty! 😛

Hope this helps! See you soon, lovelies!

2 Comments to “The Wedding Day Aura”

  1. Hello! Your blog is utterly fantastic. Lots of great information and inspiration, because both versions young people need. Thanks.

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