Say Cheese…Cake!

Don’t have a sweet tooth? If you and your hubby-to-be love wine & cheese more than anything else then here’s a new alternative for your wedding cake: cheese cakes!

{Photo by KellyStephens}

It’s definitely different from the normal wedding cakes of frostings and ribbons that we’re used to. With cheese cakes or cheese towers, it’s usually decorated with fresh fruits and figs and maybe a few flowers to add elegance to it.

{Photo by Natasja Kremers}

Just a bit of warning though, these cakes are really expensive! It’s great if you have the extra budget but maybe you can also try going to your local cheese shop and ask them which ones would be best to put on top of the other (y’know with the soft cheese and hard cheese, etc).

If you’re wondering where you can get them, you can try SayCheese or FarmgateCheese.

Oh, and don’t forget to serve wine! Cheers!


2 Comments to “Say Cheese…Cake!”

  1. I really love to munch cheesecakes because they are oh so tasty. i really like to eat like 2 or 4 per day. :’`”‘

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