1 Month and counting…

Good morning lovelies! Woke up this morning and realized that on the same day next month I won’t be a single lady anymore! Yay!

College has been a great part of my life and this just proves it! Looking back gives me smiles! 6 years and we still surprise each other everyday. Look at this photo I pulled out from our graduation ball where we had our first formal date in 2006. Just look at us! SO innocent! I still got my braces then and Aaron still got his long hair. Geeks 😛

ONE MONTH! I feel like I have to panic with this close to the wedding, like I need to do something even with my countless lists of to-do(s). Is it really this surreal? I really don’t know what to feel. I’m just praying I won’t get the jitters, you know?

Maybe you girlies can give me some tips? I’d like to know how you’ve felt a few weeks before your wedding too!

Have a great weekend everyone!

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