DIY Golden Bottles

Tables are meant to be pretty. That means you’ll need pretty things to dress up your tables especially for your wedding reception. But pretty doesn’t mean expensive…take it from me! *wink*

Aaron & I both love flowers but we didn’t want to spend it on renting vases just for one night. I’d rather use the money for more flowers if you know what mean. Soooo the bottle collection begins! From pasta sauce jars to juice bottles to beer bottles…

The beer bottles were a bit tricky though coz they were green so they wouldn’t match our color scheme. And that’s why we spray painted them!

This is what you’ll be needing:

  • your collection of jars
  • spray paint
  • newspaper

Aaron and I had fun doing this. It’s quite relaxing or maybe it was just the high from the paints speaking…but yeah it was stress relieving in the middle of all the wedding preps.

All in all we got around 60 bottles to fill with flowers. Quite impressive! And it did turned out to be a gorgeous table setting! See for yourself 😉

{Photo by Pat & Kym Photography}

2 Comments to “DIY Golden Bottles”

  1. Lovely colour! I’m doing the same with all my jars and bottles at home right now but I’m using white spray paint instead. So fulfilling making something pretty out of nothing, isn’t it?!

    • Thanks Sandra! I love the yellow jar you did. So cheerful! Yeah it is nice to repurpose something that’s about to be thrown out!

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