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December 25, 2010

Cheers to a lovely 2011!

It has been such a great year for R&B & we’ve been so honored to have been part of your life!

{Photo by Aaron Chansiy}

Just to officially cap off 2010, here’s an extension of our thanks for all your support & daily visits. We’ve had so much fun with all of you girlies!

Here’s to a prosperous new year, new inpiriations, to more lovely weddings, to more gorgeous details & to more amazing events.

Have a happy & joyous holiday! See you in 2011!

December 5, 2010

Label Anyone?

How about customizing a bride & groom prep robe to add to more detail?

Just lovely!  The robe featured above is from Wedding Chicks boutique. They offer tees & robes & tank tops for the whole bridal party. Perfect for photos & souvenirs.

Have your own design? Who says you can’t get creative with your? If you know what I mean…*wink*

November 25, 2010

Tied To A Seat

I’m back girlies! And I’m so excited to be back with new engagement shoots but first a tidbit of something cute!

Finalizing the guestlist & the table seating can be a very tedious work and once you’re done the least you can do is be creative with your hard work, agree?

Why not help your guests find their seats with their names printed on tie clips attached to a neckties for a masculine feel. You can see more of the whole Dapper Dandy dinner party from UtterlyEngaged issue #013.

October 30, 2010

Halloween Sunday

Aside from all the festive parties, costume & treats, Halloween is also about commemorating the people who had been part of our lives but had already gone before us.

This is a photo from a real wedding from 100layercake. At the end of their reception,  they had guests gather around the lake to light candles for those who had past away. A thoughtful detail for a wedding indeed.

So I encourage everyone to take a moment to remember the dearly departed and offer a prayer or two in their honor.

Have a safe All Saint’s Day & Halloween everyone!

October 30, 2010

Halloween Saturday

Today’s a busy day at the market with all the preparation for tomorrow. I just came from the market myself and the flowers & candles are obviously the best sellers. So I thought I’d post something about unique flower bouquets…

Nice, right? Even perfect with the gown from my yesterday’s post! Both are custom made from Emplume Modern Couture Bouquets.

October 28, 2010

Halloween Thursday

Ok, so vampires are all the rage these days. With the Twilight Saga, Vampire Diaries, True Blood & The Gates, it seems inevitable that events would go for vampire themes. And let’s admit, this is such a no-brainer for our halloween week!

Now I know this particular wedding concept has been going around but I just had to post them again.

I can only imagine Alice getting giddy planning this whole concept.

How perfect is that red drop necklace sitting on the bride’s neck!

Everything looks so luxe & romantic! Just the way Edward would want it.
And yes, I am a Twilight fan…obviously! =P

{All images from Pure Photography by Lindsey Trophf}

October 27, 2010

Halloween Wednesday

Mornin’ everyone! How about a little brunch? I smell pancakes, eggs & bundt cakes…

Check out this gorgeous Pumpkin Harvest Brunch by Vicky from The City Cradle.

I love this! Pumpkin pancakes in miniature pumpkins! An instant way to beautify your dish.

Want to try creating your own threaded heart topper? It’s easy.

These cakes were cut down from tree branches before served, and hung on upside down hat boxes. Genius!

Any occasion just gets better with a special drink – Pumpkin Mojito.

1.25 oz Rum
11 mint leaves
1 tbsp pumpkin
1/2 lime
1 tbsp brown sugar
2 oz soda

You can also download the menu template from here.

{All photos by Carly Taylor}

Cheers! A happy full day everyone!

October 26, 2010

Halloween Tuesday

Welcome to R&B’s halloween week! We’ll be posting different ideas about the holiday, so stay tuned alright?

Nothing says halloween than pumpkins and they’re are not just for carvings anymore! I personally haven’t used them as decors but when I saw these pictures from My Home Ideas,  I am now obsessed with trying this myself.

That’s right! All of the pumpkins above are designed with nail heads of different sizes. I love how the white pumpkins bring that modern touch that blends in perfectly with the interior.

Baby pumpkins are available at Landmark Supermarkets. I haven’t seen any white pumpkins though but a little paint would never hurt!

Hope I was able to kick start your Halloween celebration!

September 1, 2010

Vintage Brooch Bouquets

Remember my friends Dennis & Jessica’s wedding last February, where Jessica did her own bouquet? This post is quite similar but a bit different. It’s one of the latest trends with bridal bouquets – vintage brooch bouquets.

{by Amanda Heer of Fantasy Floral Design}

It can simply be a bouquet with your own collection of brooches or  you can make it extra special with you mom or grandmother’s brooch.. for that extra sweet touch!

August 25, 2010

Here Rests The Rings…

Hello lovelies! How’s your week so far? Hope it’s doin’ lovely! 🙂

Anyway, we all know that the ring pillow is one of those details that are always left neglected till the last minute. So I want to change that today…spotlights please! Let’s give our full attention to these cute & creative ring pillows.

Pillows. Play with different shapes, your favorite textile pattern, or just ribbons patterned to your wedding motif.

{Lora Series Ring Pillow by Woomi New York, Ring Pillow by Elsie from Sew Mama Sew, White Sewn ring pillow from Martha Stewart, Lili Series by 5eizen, Cherry Blossom abstract print by Woomi New York, Ring pillow with green satin ribbon from Bridal Guide, Kate Series Black & Gray by 5eizen, DIY knitted ring pillow from Wendi Myers}

Wooden Ceramics. These can be so romantic with simple engraved messages for both of you. Plus it can easily be kept as a coffee table display in your new home.

{Blue ceramic from The Knot, Wedding Ring Holder by The Back Porch, Ceramic Ring Disk by Aphrodite’s Canvas, Ring Bearer Bowl by Paloma’s Nest}

Rustic. Perfect for that autumn/fall country chic wedding. How about having your ceremony under a big old tree with all that warm sunlight?

{Love Bird Birch Tree & Tree Ring Pillow with Pink Faux Flower by Little Wee Shop, Wooden chest from The Knot, Hay Ring Pillow by BraggingBags, Birch Tree by K and M Design, Happily Ever After eggs by Dear Je’s}

Unique. From Hawaiian coconut shells, to moss, to pumpkins, to vintage books…

{Coconut & moss wedding from L’amour Photography, Peach roses from The Knot, Fairytale Cinderella Pumpkin by Bragging Bags, DIY Ring Pillow Book from OnceWed,  Kermit mums square ring pillow from Out Of the Ordinary}

Ok, the next one is a bit of a stretch and a bit freaky for my taste…but it is definitely different!

{Halloween Gothic Coffin Ring Pillow by Bragging Bags}

There you are guys! Hope you find the perfect pillow for your forever bands!

Enjoy the rest of the week everyone!