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March 28, 2012

Stan & Jaclyn: Pampanga Engagement Shoot

I promised more prenup so here it is. This is actually my last project in the Philippines last year and I must say it was a good memory to remember. It’s my first time to drive all the way to Pampanga by myself so the road trip was an adventure on its own. And it was soooo worth it! I had so much fun working with everyone especially with Stan & Jaclyn! So friendly and such good company!

They had so much chemistry, it’s like they understand each other in their own language. Sometimes laughing together at nothing can just be the sweetest thing.

Oh, and working with Paolo was a blast too! He’s a pro with the place (since he does promotional shoot for the Promenade) so he knows all the angles. Seriously, he’s the coolest photographer I’ve worked with so far!

Venue: King’s Royale Promenade, Pampanga
Photographer: Paolo Feliciano Photography
Styling: Ruffles&Bells
Makeup: Coiffeur Salon

Till the next post everyone! Back to wedding preps!

March 28, 2012

Diorel & Crystal: Prenup Video

It’s going to be a prenup day today…first & foremost I’ll be sharing with you a prenup video of my dear friends Diorel & Crystal who are going to be married this May 18. Just two days from our special day! How fun is that!

Don’t worry I’ll be sharing their prenup photos with you guys soon but for the meantime, I hope you’ll get much inspiration from their sweet garden shoot.

Videographer: Limelight Photography
Styling & Makeup: Fairy Tale Pre-Wedding

November 22, 2011

Rica & Mark: The Prenup

It’s already mid-week and this is what kept me up this morning…along with my cup of joe, of course!

When you fell in love during your stay in your Alma Mater, it’s only right to celebrate you engagement in the same place. Rica & Mark were lucky enough to have done the same. Check out Mark’s proposal & their gorgeous shoot in Ateneo de Manila University.

The concept:
There was no concept entirely. “We just wanted to shoot in Ateneo where we met, where we got to know each other, became best friends and spent memorable moments in the early part of our relationship.

The couple had to secure permits from the admin for their Saturday shoot.

To go together with the shoot, Rica’s good friend Sol Dandan became their stylist for the entire afternoon. 3 styles were prepared from formal to semi formal to casual.

“The fashion shoot was totally out of our comfort zone. When we first discussed the prenup with Oly, we said we just wanted something natural and candid since we’re not really the cheesy or the fashion model type. But come the actual shoot, we got carried away and totally forgot about what we said! But, it was good we got carried away! We’ve never done this before so the pictures and the story behind the shoot became so memorable.”

It just proves that chemistry is all that you need! And Rica & Mark seems to have plenty of it!  *Giggle*

Photography: Metrophoto

October 12, 2011

Carleen & Santini: The ‘My Amnesia Girl’ Prenup

Nothing more than something out of a movie poster, literally! High school sweethearts Carleen & Santini decided to go for a romantic-comical-movie-inspired shoot.

On the proposal. “It was unexpected. He invited me to pass by the church so we went to the adoration chapel, of Our Lady of Pillar. I was actually praying to God that whatever happens to our relationship it is His will…that’s when he held my hand and showed me the ring!. That was June 3, 2010.

Adorable! These two can actually pass as movie stars, agree?

On the concept. “We had a lot of themes. We wanted a shoot that shows  our childhood to the dating to the proposal. Another alternative was ‘the maid and the gardener’ but we thought it might not give a good message haha. It just so happens that he likes John Lloyd and I like Toni Gonzaga. We actually haven’t watched the movie together!  but since I loved the movie I suggested it! You can actually feel the everlasting love 😛 Even if they’ve hurt each other in the past they still love each other dearly 😉

Now here’s a good tip. “I printed scripts…like sample scenes from the movie to give the photographers the idea. We also listed the clothes and props needed. And, I also watched the film again and again!

Congratulations to you both! Can’t wait for the wedding!

Now, I’m just going to indulge myself and watch the movie 😛

Venue: HillCreek Gardens, Tagaytay
Photographers: Jayson and Jo Anne Arquiza

September 30, 2011

I said ‘Yes’…Under a Tree

Hi lovelies! Just a little something before I end the week. I bring good ‘giddy’ news – We’re Engaged! Me & my fiancé (so cute) got engaged last September 24! And yes, it all happened under a tree in a park somewhere in good ol’ Paris.

Just to indulge you with how it went plus a little bragging about him 😛 Here goes…

The whole idea of planning a surprise was nothing new to Aaron but its just so sweet to know that he went through this much effort to make it work. He knew that I’ve always loved getting married under a tree so apparently, four of our friends who were with us during the trip were in on it and gardens all over Paris were searched for that one perfect tree 😉

Another thing that made me prouder is that he actually shopped for the props. Never in a million years, would I imagine him shopping for vintage props! 😛 He had our friends setup the tree with white-painted wooden cutouts of ‘love’, letters ‘E’ and ‘A’ (which he painted to make it look more rustic). Plus polaroids of our pictures from whenever were  also hung up from branches to branches. Simple but gorgeously done!

Oh and the ring! Remember when Carrie Bradshaw said that he is the right guy if he gave you the right ring? Well, I actually find it funny that he conceptualized the ring that just shouts ‘me’! The ring is rose gold with a pink sapphire accompanied with 2 white diamonds on each side 🙂

We even had our friend photographer to document the whole thing! I don’t have the actual pictures yet.
But no doubt I’ll share them with you as soon as I get them! For the meantime, here’s just a few of my snapshots:

Thanks again to Jess, Den, Charm & Jon! You made that day even more memorable! ♥

And thanks to everyone who greeted and congratulated us over facebook and all over!


have a good weekend everyone!

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September 21, 2011

C’est parti! Paris!

I’m so ready to go! Finally getting to spend a few days together after being apart for almost 4 months now and VOILA! We get to spend those 6 days together in Paris! (I’m not sure if you can feel my excitement here but I AM) So, just thought I’d drop by and post something cute from the city of lights & love…before I go ooh la la!

Word of caution. Today’s post is….ahm…can’t fit the right words to describe this but I’ll try. Found this breathtaking, tear-dropping engagement shoot from StyleMePretty, photographed by Jose Villa. I’m totally at lost with words but all I know is I want to know the couple & the photographer just looking at these pictures.

Effortlessly beautiful! And of course, having Paris in the background…*sigh* gorgeous. Can’t wait to be there myself!

On y va? à bientôt mesdemoiselles.

August 8, 2011

Engagement Shoot: Patchi & JV

I’m super excited today to showcase R&B’s first ever prenuptial styling! This was done last May and I’ve been waiting for Patchi’s (the-bride-to-be) post ever since. Tadaa! They’re here!

Patchi & JV’s energy were so contagious and Ralph was such a thrill to work with, it felt like we were just a group of friends who happened to drop by Pinto Art Musuem for a photoshoot. Everybody clicked & let me just say that the shoot was so much fun!

The initial plan was to have a vintage shoot but with Patchi being an artist & JV being such a charmer, I guess you could say that the colors just burst into the shoot by themselves. Lovely!

Just in case you’re wondering…Yes! All the paintings featured in the shot above are creations of no-other-than the-bride-to-be!

I love my job and I love the fact that I was there to witness their undeniable adoration for each other. Thanks so much Patchi & JV for trusting our team to be your sytlists. I can’t thank you enough!

Keep the love alive &  best wishes to the both of you  ♥ (Patchi, hope you don’t mind that I borrowed the pics from your blog ^_^)

For more pictures, you can also check out Patchi’s blog here.

Photographer: Ralph Alejandrino

July 4, 2011

A “Mobbed” Proposal

What a way to start my Monday! Thank goodness again for Facebook for getting the chance to see this video! This is just mad…and sweet and everything else! I even got teary-eyed watching it.

Can you just imagine how you would have felt if you were the girl? Panic. Surprised. And of course, you would say YES!

Hope this video cheered you up to start your week ^_^

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June 23, 2011

Harry Potter Engagement

For those of you who simply can’t wait to watch the movie or if you are just an avid fan, you’re gonna love this! Someone somewhere decided to propose with the book Harry Potter and the Half Blood Prince with a surprise cutout showcasing the engagement ring!

Awww….The Unbreakable Vow! So sweet!

It’s just a few weeks away and the part 2 of Deathly Hallows will be in the big screen. Can’t wait!

June 9, 2011

Caricature Save The Date

Alrighty! It’s supposed to be summer but the weather seems to be saying otherwise…anyhow, hope all you lovelies out there are dry and safe. Now let’s get to business!

Today we have an adorable caricature save-the-date drawn by no-other-than the groom himself. Cute huh? Talk about personalizing your wedding details!

Kei & Nikki are planning on having an autumn themed wedding hence the falling maple leaves in the animation.

Love love love the creativity! Can’t wait for your big day!

Check out the whole animation here :

Have a safe day everyone!