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May 3, 2011

William + Kate : The Royal Wedding

If you’re like me, you must have watched the wedding live and even watched the replays over and over. I don’t know about you but I felt like a giggling little girl watching Barbie & Kent live a fairytale love story.

Oh, and how cute is their send-off car? Totally adorable!

Congratulations again to Prince William & Kate! Cheers to happily ever after!

September 21, 2010

A Lego Wedding

G’day lovelies! I’ve got a unique find for you today from Liz & Eugene’s downtown LA Lego themed wedding. It’s simple & quite traditional with all the here and there Lego touches. You’ll see what I mean!

I love the idea of the groom having a huge role in the wedding with elements from both the bride and the groom (which is not a usual thing!).

See the nice contrast of Liz’s diamonds & Christian Louboutin and Eugene’s Legos?

The groom and groomsmen were all wearing Lego cuff links – with a surprise visit from Yoda and stormtrooper, of course!

Liz & Euguene’s logo were printed on these cute canvas bag with Lego candy favors.

And their slogan: Building our love…Brick by Brick! Cute!

You can check out more of their amazing photos by Caroline Tran, here.

June 3, 2010

Real Wedding – Steve & Kaisy’s Destination Wedding

Today’s wedding is an explosion of color & joy that is absolutely a feast for the eyes! As if a destination wedding in Stoneridge Queenstown, New Zealand was not enough to have a perfect celebration of love. Photographed by Mango Red, this intimate affair captured our hearts with all its meaningful style & rich colors.

The Couple. Steve & Kaisy’s love story started in Singapore where they met 3 years ago. Both of them are marketing managers for a well-known international company & are bounded by the same goals, values & appreciation for life. Kaisy loves traveling & Steve loves chess. Despite their seemingly opposite likes & quirks, they make everything work!

Now let’s continue with Steve’s proposal:

The Proposal. With Steve being a passionate chess player, joining competitions elsewhere was nothing new to Kaisy. Only to be caught in surprise…“We planned a trip to Sydney for one of his chess competitions, and 3 days into the trip, he surprised me with a trip to Adelaide (his hometown). He wasn’t joining the chess competition after all. After 2 days of windy weather in Adelaide, our last day finally he woke me up early in the AM with a surprise. The proposal was in a hot air balloon over the fields in Adelaide.”

The Goals. Steve & Kaisy wanted a wedding that was above all about their family & friends. As Kaisy says “…our main objective was for all our guests to have the best time of their lives. We wanted the wedding to be about the people, the relationships, etc vs just a tickbox occasion”. Her love of traveling led them to a destination wedding from an internet search for the best places to get married.  “Neither Steve nor I have been to New Zealand, but decided to still go with it. No site visits or anything. Day before the wedding was the first time we saw the place!”

Who would not agree that this is but a PERFECT place not just for weddings!

The Design. Having “summer in autumn” as their theme, they celebrated their day with bright colors of blue, orange & brown.

The Look. Kaisy wore a mermaid cut Vera Wang gown that had a vogue quality that she adored, and it embodied the sexiness & romantic look she wanted. With her Marc Jacob heart shaped wedge heels, she looked every inch perfectly put together . Her sister opted to stand out with an orange Jil Sander Spring ’09 dress. Her maid of honor (Kaisy’s younger sister) & the bridesmaids wore blue Victoria Secret convertible dresses. Steve was dashing in his Coloc suit & bright orange tie (inspired by suits worn in an episode of The Contender).

The moments. From Kaisy: “I would definitely say every single minute of the day was perfect for us, that’s why it’s hard to find the favorite moment….Highlights are, our vows, the helicopter flight post wedding for pictorials, and then finding our guests super drunk when we got back! Leading to the crazy party at the reception!”

The advice. If the bride shall put it: “I definitely would recommend a destination wedding as it totally was almost stress-free for me. I know the beauty of the place and the fantastic vacation everyone is in would more than offset any small thing that brides usually worry about.”

Check out more of Kaisy & Steve’s big day with this breathtaking film by Joel Salindong via Vimeo.

The Pros.
Photography: MangoRed
Bride’s shoes: Marc Jacobs
Wedding Location: StoneRidge, Queenstown, NZ
Bridesmaids apparel: Victoria Secret
Videography: Joel Salindong
Groom’s apparel: Coloc Tailor, Singapore
Bride’s dress: Vera Wang

Thank you so much for sharing your wonderful wedding with us Steve & Kaisy!

April 20, 2010

Dennis & Jess: An Intimate Wedding

The Couple. 7 years. College sweethearts. Jessica Navarro & Dennis Navarro (yes they have the same surname! speaking of meant to be) were already together as seatmates from day 1 of their college life. Having the same surnames, how they met was totally not accidental. The rest as they say is history.

The Proposal. It was during their 7 days Cebu-Bohol vacation with friends that Dennis decided to pop the question formally.

We had already decided on this but i still want to make it official. I decided to give her the ring during our visit to Ogtong Cave, Bantayan Island. I thought it was a good spot since it’s an inland cave so it would be different and Jess wouldn’t suspect of it. To my surprise, the cave was filled with chest deep water so we had to leave our bags along the cave’s opening. I told Jess to go ahead and I intentionally left myself with the bags grabbing the ring and the closest ziploc bag i could grab, placed the ring in the ziploc and stuffed it inside my swimming shorts pocket. The funny thing was I forgot to remove the air from the ziploc so the whole thing kept on floating out of my shorts! I had to constantly hold it in!

And then there was the rock. There was a huge rock beneath a flourescent bulb directly at the center of the cave, I winked at Dave (who was holding the camera at the time) to signal the moment. As we were climbing onto the rock, I positioned myself a bit behind her so she won’t see me getting the whole ziploc out of my pocket. Corny but Jess turned her head earlier as expected. FAIL! haha I was freaking shaking! I took the ring out of the velvet box and asked “Are you sure?”. Jess nodded and was, well – simply Jess – Smiling.”

The Goal. Jessica & Dennis wanted their wedding day to be an intimate celebration that was simple yet personal to them. They only had a few requirements for their special day. “…we wanted it to be on February since its our anniversary month and Dennis had always wanted it to be in Tagaytay because of the cool weather. He also wanted to have a string quartet play and to get a good photographer. Everything else was negotiable. We did a lot of research and just chose what we liked and what we thought would look good“.

The Design. When it came to the look of the wedding, Jessica knew for certain that she wanted black as their main color, and the rest of the decor built around that. WIth the additional touch of white, the design as she put it was “simple, chic & sophisticated“. They created great ambiance by dimming the lights and illuminating the space with candles.

The Look. Jessica looked lovely in a strapless pleated gown, adorned with her button black & white bridal bouquet. Her bridesmaids wore black satin strapless dresses with white ribbons. The groom wanted something formal & classic and opted for a classic tuxedo vest with a white bow while the groomsmen were stylishly put together in black long sleeves with white ties.

To add a bit of pizzaz, Jessica & Dennis wore their signature college shoes. Jessica had her favorite white Keds & Dennis with his black chucks.

The Details. It was indeed a personalized non-traditional wedding- formal with a twist. Every detail was thoughtfully chosen and designed to fit the couple’s style. For the invitations, Jessica & Dennis created their own design (including their monogram) & handcrafted everything themselves. They wanted something elegant and formal that would tie into the look of the reception.

The music for the wedding was another twist. Dennis was a violinist himself so including a string quartet was a must. With a tight budget, the couple decided to have a live performance at the ceremony only. Jessica walked down the aisle to  JJS’ performance of “Canon in D by Pachelbel” picked out by Dennis  for its vintage, soulful vibe. Being fans of alternative music, the reception music was an offering of U2, Goo Goo Dolls,  Oasis, FOB & Paramore but all translated to its classical mood by Vitamin String Quartet (VSQ). It was simply a reflection of Dennis & Jessica mixed together, from their Viva La Vida couple’s entrance to their Iris first couple’s dance (played by VSQ as well).

As guests arrived at the reception, they were welcomed with black & white russian mocktails & chocolate & cream cookies. Dinner tables were topped with black satin linens and damask patterned overlay, as well as varying white paper pom poms & candle centerpieces. Black painted birch trees wired with white tiny flowers in tall glass vases delineated the spaces for the long tables.

Being friends with the couple was a great advantage to offer non-traditional wedding gifts. The church decor was entirely up to friends, so Jessica (to her surprise) walked down the aisle decorated with white pom poms, rose petals & candles to compliment the rustic look of the church. Sparklers were thrown in after the ceremony as the guests sent off the newly-wed couple.

As part of guests souvenirs, Dennis created a tarpauline with their monogram and placed it along the entrance of the reception as a photobooth backdrop. Props were also all black & white – from mardi gras masks, clown hats to fake mustaches – and yes, they are all handcrafted as well!To surprise the couple even further, the best man’s toast was set outside as the “end of the program”. As guests were being served with champagne, fireworks were set-off to end the perfect night.

The Moments. The wedding became an intimate celebration of 70 guests. Almost everybody knew each other. All the details were not just about the couple but it was also an extension of how the wedding came to be with all the help from family & friends.



Jess: I would have to say that my favorite part of our wedding was the planning. It was stressful but fun at the same time. Seeing everyone come together, it felt great to see all our hard work pay off. Another moment I’d choose would be when we were in the ‘waiting room’ (resting room for the bride & groom before the reception begins). It was a surprise to both of us and it gave us some time to be alone and savor the moment. I actually wished we had a camera with us.

Dennis: The whole wedding was just awesome. The whole plan was like clockwork and went on smoothly, from the preparations to the ceremony, until the reception. Our wedding was set at night, elegant as it is, the sparklers and fireworks made it a blast! Yes, they were really not planned and it took us by surprise! We planned the whole wedding altogether, but our wedding planner (Eliska) added value to the occasion making it modish as well.

The Advice. From the bride: “This is your day, you should have what you want. Within reason of course. But you can be a little selfish. People will understand. They should understand. If they don’t, then maybe you should re-check your guestlist =P

You don’t need to have an extravagant wedding to have a beautiful and perfect one. I can’t say that ours was perfect, but it sure felt pretty damn close. You just need to know what you want and have the creativity and passion for it. What makes your wedding special is all the personal details you put into it. Not just for your guests, but for you as well.

Get a good night’s sleep before the wedding and read the misalette. During my bridal march, all I could think of was that I was so tired and sleepy, hoping that my smile still looked good and didn’t reflect what I was feeling inside. I perked up once the ceremony started but I started sort of panicking when I realized that I never read the misalette (Dennis made the misalette).

So how does it feel to be married?


You’ve always seen it in movies when people fall in love, get married and then halfway realized what a huge mistake they have made. As our wedding drew near, I was wondering when I was going to feel any wedding jitters. But I never did.

Getting married helped me reach a higher level of comfort with him than I could ever imagine. Being married to him, I’ve slept so soundly ever since knowing you’ve been by my side (I’ve had sleeping problems before). Even on our first night in our new home with just a sleeping bag & a fan! So I guess what I’m saying is, I find it odd when people say that marrying someone is like taking a leap of faith, since it felt like the most normal thing to do [with Dennis].

How sweet is that!

Congrats Dennis & Jessica! Thank you so much for giving us the honor of being part of your wonderful day! It just proves that simplicity is key to elegance & weddings don’t need to be expensive to be amazing! Just keep the creativity alive!

The Pros.
Photography & Videography: Nice Print Photo (Dennis Mendoza & Hazel)
Ceremony: Transfiguration Chapel, Caleruega
Reception & Catering: Splendido Golf Club
Flowers: RCJC Flowers
Cake: Caroline Pattiserie
Hair & Make-up: Nanette Tan & Rose
Ceremony Music: JJS Ensemble
Bride’s gown: custom made
Bride’s shoes: Sneakers from Keds
Groom’s suit: custom made
Groom’s shoes: Chucks from Converse



August 14, 2009

Real Weddings: Aaron + Iselle

Finally! I have been waiting for.e.ver to post Aaron & Iselle’s wedding. And I never expected it to be this difficult to edit down a wedding of someone I’m close to, especially if I have all the photos from different photographers at my disposal. I just chose those pictures that got my attention. Enjoy!


Aaron & Iselle chose the reception to be held at Leslie’s Garden because of its great food & open space. It’s a nice venue for weddings during the fall because of it’s vineyard-feel with high ceilings & tiffany chairs; far from the usual spots in Tagaytay.




The invitation was designed based on the couple’s motif: chocolate brown & champagne.



Menu cards were placed in jars along with pencils for guest’s dedication cards. And for table numbers, wooden coasters were written with gold-colored glue.



Good times!

Best wishes Aaron & Iselle!  Enjoy your honeymoon in Ilocos!

Photography: Schulz Aaron & B. A. Studio

Venue: Leslie’s Garden

Ceremony: St. Mary Magdalene Parish

Attire: Lee-i (bride’s gown) & Onesimus (groom’s tux)

Make-up: Yadik & Al

Accomodations: Island Cove Resort

August 11, 2009


News Flash: I just got the news yesterday that my two best friends are getting married.I was totally SHOCKED! LOL. I know they’ve been together for almost 7 years but I wasn’t just expecting it to be this soon. And as soon as they gave me the news, they also hired me as their wedding coordinator!

Anyway, just to give you some details we got so far:
Date: somewhere close to Feb 1 (their anniversary)
Motif: black
Church: Chapel on the Hill
Approx # of Guests: 50

So happy for both of them! >:D<