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April 16, 2012

Bring Sexy Back

The one thing I was sure about my wedding gown was the back – I wanted it to be something sexy since everyone’s going to be staring at it for almost an hour, might as well make a statement, right? But don’t get me wrong, we weren’t really able to cut it very low because it won’t be able to support the front part. Too bad!

Anyway, what I’m trying to say is, the back of your wedding gown is something that you can really be creative about. When you walk down the aisle, people look at your face and your gown and then when you walk past them…that’s the time you surprise them! You know, keep the WOW factor 360 degrees! Let me show you some gorgeous finds I’ve found.

I’ll totally gush over anything Claire Pettibone!

{Chantilly Elizabeth Gown from Dress Safari}

Or how about something aesthetically lovely?

{Anna Campbell from Polkadot Bride}

Too bad I can’t find the source of this one. I love the detail and it’s just so elegantly done! If you do know who made this gown, please let me know. 🙂

{Photo from Pinterest}

Finally, something cute. Perhaps a heart shaped back? So cute!

 {Hayley Paige Collection for JLM Couture}

So how are you bringing sexy back to your wedding? *wink*

January 23, 2012

Claire Pettibone 2012 Beau Monde Collection

Ok, I know I love lace & ruffles but this is just gorgeous in a whole different level! Lo and behold – it’s Claire Pettibone’s Beau Monde Collection.

Claire Pettibone’s Beau Monde collection has been described as a sultry exploration of French-infused antique lace, flirtatious bodices and gold trimmed ruffles. That’s according to The Wedding Chicks. Imagine how lovely all these gowns would look in a romantic English garden wedding!

I’m literally at awe looking at each one of them. Makes me want to touch them & feel all the details! Or just maybe have the chance to try it on?

AND here’s my favorite amongst them all! How gorgeous is that low backline & lace detail on the shoulders! P-E-R-F-E-C-T.

There’s more exclusive photos here at

Enough with the drooling, have a Chinese New Year everyone!