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November 9, 2010

Davao Destination Engagement Shoot: Elaine & Chicco

Okay, so I know summer is over but who wants it to be over if you have this sunny engagement shoot. The couple, Elaine & Chicco, chose ‘Travel & Lifestyle’ as their theme because it fits their adventurous personality & their love for travel. B-e-a-u-t-i-f-u-l!

Chicco’s mom & sister were kind enough to be stylist for this gorgeous destination shoot in their own hometown.

So how was the proposal? It was not a typical 21st monthsary in Tagaytay. The idea was just supposed to be another getaway but not to Chicco, atleast. “…Chicco handed over a huge black album, with one of our photobooth shots displayed on the front cover, and greeted “Happy Monthsary, Hon!”. As I opened it, I saw a collection of photos of our travels together, from our very first trip to Boracay, to Davao, Cebu, HK, Macau, Palawan, Batangas, Bangkok,  Ilocos ..up to our Baguio trip with my family just the weekend before. After the last entry, I flipped through the next page, and saw that there were no more photos but a short paragraph that read:

[2010-05-09] TAGAYTAY
“Our 21st monthsary… Ate lunch at Bag of Beans… Salmon steak and their famous blueberry cheesecake… Busog… We then headed to Sonya’s Garden and got ourselves a massage…Much deserved pampering after so many stressful weeks at work… After that, we went to Tagaytay Highlands to watch the beautiful sunset… You received a gift from me: a photo album of our travels together… You were surprised and really touched by it and was embarrassed that you didn’t have any gift for me… we looked at it together, laughing and reminiscing those moments…
As you read on this page, you are wondering how I made this entry… Was this all planned out?… Then you realized that this is no ordinary monthsary celebration… Today is much more special… Today, I ask you…”

My heart started to pound faster, as I turned to the next page. There, at the middle, was a photograph of a beautiful diamond ring.” And the rest, as they say is what leads to a destination wedding. ♥

Cheers to Elaine & Chicco!

Photography: Dustein Sibug & Andrew Reyes