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May 18, 2010

Find Me by Boyce Avenue

Hi lovelies! One important detail in planning a wedding is the music (although some people thinks this is not true). You can make the mood shift from solemn to romantic to party mode just by looking for that perfect playlist.

Bringing actual talent/instruments into your wedding day might be the perfect way to set the romantic tone for your background music, but if you can’t afford hiring a band looking for good acoustic music is the next best thing.

I found this song by Boyce Avenue “Find Me” & the acoustic version would really be amazing for that grand walk to the aisle or very your first dance!

Here’s an excerpt from the chorus:

Find me, here in your arms
Now I’m wondering where you’ve always been
Blindly, I came to you
Knowing you’d breathe new life from within
Can’t get enough of you …