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January 12, 2010

Celebrations: Little GJ No More

I have never had my own debutante ball so this is something interesting for me. Seeing the preparations come into order has always been something I look forward to in coordinating events. Especially since this is a themed celebration, details are important. Every detail has to fit the concept.

To start with, GeeJay decided to have a themed debut: Upper East Side/Gossip Girl. The design concept was to introduce Gossip Girl & peach (motif color) into most of the details.

The invitation was based on one of Gossip Girl’s posters, designed by sister of the GeeJay’s sister’s friend. Cool, right?

The cake was an adorable cupcake tower adorned with black & baby pink girly details like lipstick, handbag & gowns.

Instead of the traditional table number, each table was named after series’ locations calligraphed on cutout cardboard skylines. Each entree and dessert were named after episode titles (templates can be downloaded here) . The dessert was just heavenly (especially the lemon bars & the chocolate mousse)!

Three kinds of mocktails were also served based on Blair, Serena & Chuck’s personalities (receipes below). Yes, they are just mocktails! These were served with laminated coasters of XOXO & kiss mark designs. Guests were also provided with markers so they can write their dedications on the back of the coasters.

There was also no traditional host in this party. The program script was customized and pre-recorded by one of GeeJay’s sister’s close friend, Francy. And believe me, her voice was just perfect for the role!

The intro goes like this:

“How to be a Debutante in New York: A Gossip Girl Checklist in Becoming 18. High heels to go with your perfect dress. Cocktails for sharing with great friends. And the perfect party worth buzzing about. In the end its all about the princess turning into a queen. And here on the upper east side, you must have the style to match the crown. Let’s see how our little GJ will do now that the spotlight’s on her. Come out come out your majesty. Your humble servants are waiting.”

Happy 18th birthday GeeJay!

Mocktails: Chuck Bass (coke, grenadine syrup & maraschino cherry), Serena Van Der Woodsen (7up, lime juice & pineapple spear) & Blair Waldorf (7up, orange juice & grenadine syrup)
Catering: La Comida Catering
Dessert bar: Baked by Chelo
Cake: Frupcakes Cupcakes
Balloons: Shairish Balloons
Photobooth: The Snaparazzi Company
Photo & Video: RNG, Schulz Aaron, Dennis
Stage Design + Equipment: Stagetech

Thanks also to Louie, GeeJay & family!

XOXO Everyone.