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January 4, 2011

Hong Kong: ‘I McDo’ Weddings

First of all, a happy 2011 to everyone! Hope all you lovelies are as excited as I am this new year.

Now, to start the year with something different…yes, you read it right! Due to public demand, Mcdonald’s Hong Kong will be offering wedding packages for any couple looking for a non-traditional way to tie-the-knot starting this January.

With your wedding venue being in a fast food joint, be sure to expect your wedding details to be very unique. The wedding party package includes a baked apple pie tower as your wedding cake, a wedding gown made out of twisted balloons, kiddie party favors, and of course, the catering will be all about the value meals. Traditions are gonna be a lot more different as well: wine toast = soda toast & cherry kiss = french fry kiss.

*The cherry kiss is a HK wedding tradition of eating one cherry together before locking on a kiss.

Apparently fries really does go with everything…even a wedding!