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July 23, 2012

Suit Yourself

I was browsing App Store the other day and found this helpful app for grooms-to-be. Apparently, USA Network & Mr. Porter released this new iOS application ‘Suit Yourself’ to promote the new drama “Suits”. (I hear it’s good, haven’t tried watching it)

It’s quite interesting really! It allows you to dress up for different occasions (like dates, ball game, or weddings!) and it has a section on ‘how to choose the right suit’ too. Best thing is you can save the look you’ve created. Oh, and it’s free!

I think it’ll be useful to visualise how your fiancé would look on your big day. You can bring it to the tailor and show them the looks too. It’ll be easier to explain. (I don’t know much about technicalities in a suit so photos really do help)

There you go lovelies! Give it a try!

Happy Monday to everyone!

Note: I’d like to announce to that Ruffles&Bells will be moving to a new website. I’ll post more about it soon. But I do hope I’d see you there too! Thank you so much for all your support!