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March 28, 2012

Stan & Jaclyn: Pampanga Engagement Shoot

I promised more prenup so here it is. This is actually my last project in the Philippines last year and I must say it was a good memory to remember. It’s my first time to drive all the way to Pampanga by myself so the road trip was an adventure on its own. And it was soooo worth it! I had so much fun working with everyone especially with Stan & Jaclyn! So friendly and such good company!

They had so much chemistry, it’s like they understand each other in their own language. Sometimes laughing together at nothing can just be the sweetest thing.

Oh, and working with Paolo was a blast too! He’s a pro with the place (since he does promotional shoot for the Promenade) so he knows all the angles. Seriously, he’s the coolest photographer I’ve worked with so far!

Venue: King’s Royale Promenade, Pampanga
Photographer: Paolo Feliciano Photography
Styling: Ruffles&Bells
Makeup: Coiffeur Salon

Till the next post everyone! Back to wedding preps!

August 8, 2011

Engagement Shoot: Patchi & JV

I’m super excited today to showcase R&B’s first ever prenuptial styling! This was done last May and I’ve been waiting for Patchi’s (the-bride-to-be) post ever since. Tadaa! They’re here!

Patchi & JV’s energy were so contagious and Ralph was such a thrill to work with, it felt like we were just a group of friends who happened to drop by Pinto Art Musuem for a photoshoot. Everybody clicked & let me just say that the shoot was so much fun!

The initial plan was to have a vintage shoot but with Patchi being an artist & JV being such a charmer, I guess you could say that the colors just burst into the shoot by themselves. Lovely!

Just in case you’re wondering…Yes! All the paintings featured in the shot above are creations of no-other-than the-bride-to-be!

I love my job and I love the fact that I was there to witness their undeniable adoration for each other. Thanks so much Patchi & JV for trusting our team to be your sytlists. I can’t thank you enough!

Keep the love alive &  best wishes to the both of you  ♥ (Patchi, hope you don’t mind that I borrowed the pics from your blog ^_^)

For more pictures, you can also check out Patchi’s blog here.

Photographer: Ralph Alejandrino