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June 1, 2012

Our Engagement Shoot

Thank you so much Dennis & Jess for making this video and for being our photographer as well! (Thanks to Jas too!)

Whether it was in Paris, France or Subic, Zambales…they were there!

I love that they used my bridal march song as well! It makes it even more special knowing that I can listen to it again and again ♥

Song: A Thousand Years by Christina Perri
Photo & Video: Dennis Joseph Navarro Photography
Makeup: Girlie Ting Uy
Styling: Ruffles&Bells

September 30, 2011

I said ‘Yes’…Under a Tree

Hi lovelies! Just a little something before I end the week. I bring good ‘giddy’ news – We’re Engaged! Me & my fiancé (so cute) got engaged last September 24! And yes, it all happened under a tree in a park somewhere in good ol’ Paris.

Just to indulge you with how it went plus a little bragging about him 😛 Here goes…

The whole idea of planning a surprise was nothing new to Aaron but its just so sweet to know that he went through this much effort to make it work. He knew that I’ve always loved getting married under a tree so apparently, four of our friends who were with us during the trip were in on it and gardens all over Paris were searched for that one perfect tree 😉

Another thing that made me prouder is that he actually shopped for the props. Never in a million years, would I imagine him shopping for vintage props! 😛 He had our friends setup the tree with white-painted wooden cutouts of ‘love’, letters ‘E’ and ‘A’ (which he painted to make it look more rustic). Plus polaroids of our pictures from whenever were  also hung up from branches to branches. Simple but gorgeously done!

Oh and the ring! Remember when Carrie Bradshaw said that he is the right guy if he gave you the right ring? Well, I actually find it funny that he conceptualized the ring that just shouts ‘me’! The ring is rose gold with a pink sapphire accompanied with 2 white diamonds on each side 🙂

We even had our friend photographer to document the whole thing! I don’t have the actual pictures yet.
But no doubt I’ll share them with you as soon as I get them! For the meantime, here’s just a few of my snapshots:

Thanks again to Jess, Den, Charm & Jon! You made that day even more memorable! ♥

And thanks to everyone who greeted and congratulated us over facebook and all over!


have a good weekend everyone!

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September 21, 2011

C’est parti! Paris!

I’m so ready to go! Finally getting to spend a few days together after being apart for almost 4 months now and VOILA! We get to spend those 6 days together in Paris! (I’m not sure if you can feel my excitement here but I AM) So, just thought I’d drop by and post something cute from the city of lights & love…before I go ooh la la!

Word of caution. Today’s post is….ahm…can’t fit the right words to describe this but I’ll try. Found this breathtaking, tear-dropping engagement shoot from StyleMePretty, photographed by Jose Villa. I’m totally at lost with words but all I know is I want to know the couple & the photographer just looking at these pictures.

Effortlessly beautiful! And of course, having Paris in the background…*sigh* gorgeous. Can’t wait to be there myself!

On y va? à bientôt mesdemoiselles.

July 8, 2011

Color+Mood #15: Love Paris by Etsy

Yipee! It’s exactly 2.5 months before our Tour de Paris! My first ever trip to Europe and I can’t wait!

And as part of my excitement, I just thought of finding some “french” finds from Etsy to share with you.

Left to Right: French mail box from Magalerie,  silver Eiffel tower from Magalerie, pink creme & pale from TCaponePhoto, red heart sketches taken in Paris from Magalerie, rubber stamps from PresentandCorrect.

A tout à l’heure !

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