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July 30, 2012

Ruffles & Bells’ New Home!

Hi lovelies! This is it! Ruffles & Bells has move to a new home.

Come join us at for more ruffles and wedding updates.


July 25, 2012


Hi lovelies! How’s your week so far? Can you imagine it’s almost August already!!!

Now here’s another news! As mentioned on my previous post, Ruffles&Bells will be moving. I’ve been working on this for quite some time already…with a new layout and everything. And I do hope I’ll get to welcome all of you to our new home. More inspirations and more wedding stuff to come!

I’ll just get back to packing, alrighty?

December 21, 2011


So how’s everyone’s Christmas shopping so far? Good thing mine’s done and now I’m busy packing for my “going home to Sydney”. I’m so sorry I’m in such a rush, its just seems like I still have so much to do.

As an early Christmas vacation, this post will be my early goodbye to all you lovelies for the year.

I’m so thankful that I’ve got lots of things done before I go hiatus for the holidays: got my wedding gown & bridesmaids’ gowns done, gonna be back with a few articles for & I’ve finished some more stuff for the wedding! Yipee!

So I guess this is goodbye for the meantime, hope you guys have a great holiday with family & friends! See you soon!

Eliska & Aaron ♥

February 2, 2011

Good News

I’ve been keeping this news for the longest of time & I’m really really very excited! You all know that Ruffles & Bells has been an amazing part of my 2010 and never in a million years would I imagine this way to kick off my 2011.

Correction, I’m giddy-happy actually!
Tadaaa…my first ever article for Weeee!

Thank you so much to Pia Inserto for making me part of the team! And of course, to Dennis & Jess for being my subjects the 2nd time around.

Don’t forget to check out for more wedding ideas.
See you there too!


August 11, 2009


News Flash: I just got the news yesterday that my two best friends are getting married.I was totally SHOCKED! LOL. I know they’ve been together for almost 7 years but I wasn’t just expecting it to be this soon. And as soon as they gave me the news, they also hired me as their wedding coordinator!

Anyway, just to give you some details we got so far:
Date: somewhere close to Feb 1 (their anniversary)
Motif: black
Church: Chapel on the Hill
Approx # of Guests: 50

So happy for both of them! >:D<

August 11, 2009

Square One….The Proposal

Welcome to Ruffles&Bells! I hope you’ll take a moment to bookmark R&B…and be part of my daily world of inspirations.

Ruffles&Bells started with my love for drooling over hundreds and thousands of wedding-related blogs…being led from one to another and being inspired by each and every one of them. Wanting to inspire people myself, I’m now starting as a freelance wedding coordinator. I hope that through my posts you’ll be able to find the inspiration and ruffles you need to create your own wedding just the way you wanted it to be.

If you’d like to be considered for Ruffles&Bells, you may contact me @ or 09192702420.

Thanks for dropping by!