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July 11, 2012


Color blocking is all the rage now in the fashion runway and it looks like it’s here to still early 2013. I’ve recently tried it on my wardrobe so I thought I might share this trend with all you brides-to-be(s) too!

First and foremost, definition:

Color blocking is a technique where blocks of various fabrics are sewn together to create clothing with a few different solid colors..

I’ve read somewhere that color blocking is not for the faint of heart. So if you think having a color blocked wedding dress is too much, you can always channel this colorful trend with your bridesmaids dresses.

The key colors this year is fuschia & tangerine, black on yellow, blue (which is now the winter color here in Australia) or neon colors.

{fuschia bridesmaids dresses via ElizabettaneDesigns, blue color blocked bridesmaids photo from Pinterest, asos tangerine dress via Exquisite Weddings Magazine, mustard & cream strapless pleated maxi dress from BCBG}

I’m so in love with the canopy ceiling. Love the colors!  For favors, I found these adorable DIY terra cotta pots.

{flower girl photo from Pacific Weddings, color-block invitations by Mint, canopy ceiling via GreenWeddingShoes, escort cards from Martha Stewart Weddings, diy terra cotta pots from A Beautiful Mess}

Who can forget the cake!

{candy cake from Martha Stewart Weddings, multicolored cake}

So, will you be color-blocking your wedding too? If yes, which color will you be mixing together?

November 15, 2010

Color+Mood #11: Seaside Affair

Before I leave for a well-deserved vacation and before I dive right into the holiday madness, I’m going to leave you ladies something to ponder about. It’s kinda out of season to have a color mood with a seaside feel but the good thing about color palettes is that you can still make it work anytime of the year with the right materials.

Obviously, I was thinking of vacation when I was doing this.
Okay, so wish me luck on finding something inspirational from my trip! Bon Voyage everyone!

April 30, 2010

Woodsy & Poppy Red

It’s going to be another long weekend! Before I bid you lovelies a happy weekend, i’ll share with you two gorgeously designed tablescapes. Seeing this was so coincidental since we had just arranged our own tablescape recently.

Our first table is a bright red + white table collaborated by photographer Sara Gray & design team Punch.

Next is a green + blue + brown table by Jackie of Merci New York. Adorned with birdcages, popcorns, chocolates & guests’ souvenirs as a custom gift and dessert table. I love the rustic meets feminine feel! This design was also included in one of Jackie’s inspiration for a Manhattan loft style wedding.

Happy Weekend everyone!